Small - Mid Businesses

Tidor Solutions researched and presented Org A with fundraising options. Tidor Solutions provided listings of relevant career recruiters to Org A for an employee search.

Org A required funding for a renovation project of a historical building. Tidor Solutions researched possible funding opportunities, requested applications, and completed application paperwork.

Org A consistently lost documents and experienced a slow routing system.

Tidor Solutions performed a work flow analysis to determine the performance gaps. Tidor Solutions created a restructing plan to eliminate routing failures and document loss.

Org A required a business plan to obtain funding. Tidor Solutions researched Org A and related industries and created a business plan.

Org A is in the planning stages and requires assistance in entity formation. Tidor Solutions researched entity names, locations, and funding, created the entity with the state and federal governments, and registered the entity with the
local agencies.

Faith-Based Organizations

Church A required a booklet containing all church school and bible study lessons organized and formatted for each quarter. Tidor Solutions managed the creation process, reviewed final product, created a template (for all writers to use in the creation process), and created standard operating procedures.

Church A required logistics support for an annual conference. Tidor Solutions provided logistics through planning and selection of workshop times, locations, and vendor registration and set-up.

Church A required a report card for their elementary school. Tidor Solutions created an updated report card template for the administrators use.

Church A desired planning of annual picnics and banquets. Tidor Solutions planned, organized and scheduled annual picnics and banquets while maintaining standard operating procedures to assist those planning future events.

Church A required brochures for the annual mission trip. Tidor Solutions researched mission trip location and created an informational booklet and brochure.