Managing and Organizing Analysis of Current Management Process Management Training
idor Solutions has experience helping Faith-based
 institutions in managing their limited resources assisting them in helping the community .

Tidor Solutions assist these organizations in providing organized informational booklets to their church family, Microsoft Office training courses, and templates for their school report cards.

Logistics for any conference must be well organized and planned to ensure each presenter and participant experiences a smooth transition from workshop to vendor sessions and back. Tidor Solutions assisted the First Baptist Church of Mandarin in planning and scheduling each workshop, analyzing the presenter's needs or requirements, providing safe and conducive workshop environments, and organizing and inviting the vendors to sessions.

Tidor Solutions was asked to assess the financial process and software needs of Light of the World Christian Church. After an extensive analysis and review of software opportunities, Tidor Solutions provided the church with possibilities, recommendations, and prices.
  >View how Tidor Solutions assisted First Baptist Church of Mandarin in organizing their 1st Annual Church and Pastor's Leaders Conference.

>View how Tidor Solutions assisted Light of the World Christian Church in obtaining financial software.